Chuan Fa Martial Arts Academy


Are you an easy target for violence? Learn personal safety skills and habits that can decrease your risks, and increase confidence. Our program is taught traditionally with a combination of group and one on one lessons to customize the training for each students strengths to achieve an effective form of self defense. Chuan Fa is a comprehensive system that promotes the martial arts as a way of life. The most serious student commits to embark on a quest for complete physical, mental, and emotional peace. The learning is in depth; the journey, like life, has no true end. We aim to empower all student to use this fighting style, and art to conquer moderd day physical and mental challenges. ​

Special Offers

Chuan Fa Martial Arts Academy

Kids Martial Arts (Ages 5+)

At Chuan Fa Martial Arts Academy we teach traditional Chinese self defense. We teach the same system to a 5 year old as we do an adult, with all the same requirements.

Chuan Fa Martial Arts Academy

Adult Martial Arts

Chuan Fa Academy offers an excellent self defense system for adults. Most people who are looking for real street self defense are not interested in belts, tournaments and competitions.

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