Chuan Fa Martial Arts Academy

Adult Martial Arts

Chuan Fa Academy offers an excellent self defense system for adults. Most people who are looking for real street self defense are not interested in belts, tournaments and competitions. They simply want to learn effective skills that will work on the street and in the real world.

Adult Martial Arts

Real Self Defense for Real-Life Situations

Competing in a tournament to show off your sweet moves, shiny black belt, fancy forms, point sparring, and doing back flips simply does not translate to “person is trying to hurt me for real on the street I need to get away without serious injury.” This is our focus, street self defense. Chuan Fa translates to Chinese boxing or China hands. The system is broad using 5 animals of Shaolin Kung fu. It utilizes sound basics and self defense theories. Those basics and theories are translated into self defense techniques aimed at creating street scenarios to draw from. We cover striking throwing grappling escapes joint manipulation pressure points and everything in between.


The Chuan Fa Self Defense System

Chuan Fa is a full self defense system. It does not focus on 1 aspect of fighting or self defense. Chuan Fa covers every aspect of self defense. The private lesson format helps in recognizing and utilizing each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Not everyone moves the same, nor does everyone have the same strengths and weaknesses. Group classes allow us to apply our technique and learn the subtle things that can give us effective technique and application on a wide variety of attackers and scenarios. If you are looking for traditional self-defense and a down-to-earth small dojo that’s not giant daycare you’ve found one of the few. We use a belt system but our focus is not on graduations and ranking. The belts are an honor of tradition and are intended to represent a skill level. They were never intended to be focused on, paid for, or used to inspire. We are inspired by the training, the community, and our own individual drive to expand our knowledge and power.

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